A new series of money portraits called Beau Monde has emerged from folded currency involving cash from a number of countries around the globe.  The inspiration came from my inclusion in the Biennial of Asunción, Paraguay.  Conversations with the curator led to an idea to expand my idea using currencies from several Central American and South American countries.  I continued folding currency from these countries after being invited to participate in the Curitiba Biennial, Brazil.  With some help the messages were translated then folded in the native languages of Spanish and Portuguese. 


The vibrant colors and rich imagery on these bills led me to further consider cash from other countries. In some ways this new series took on the character of creating a painting.  Bending colors and shapes becomes as important as transforming the letters into messages. The messages still derive largely from 80's musical influences that double as political slogans.  Even slogans like "Everybody Wants To Rule The World" from a Tears for Fears hit song takes on special meaning in the light of international finance.